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Upcoming Public Hearing on “Right to Work” – We Need Your Help

Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for all your hard work over the last several weeks to help us defeat “Right to Work” (RTW) legislation in New Hampshire. We knew this would be a long fight, and your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Many legislators are recognizing that RTW deprives workers of their freedom to form strong unions, which could cost our families about $10,000 per year and increase the likelihood of workplace fatalities by 49%

We can’t let up now. RTW is scheduled for a public hearing in the State House on Thursday, March 25 at 10 AM. This is our opportunity to show up, speak out, and make clear that anti-worker legislation has no place in the Granite State.



We urge every member who is able to testify to the House Labor Committee against RTW by following these steps:

  • Visit the NH House of Representatives General Court website.
  • Select the date of the hearing: March 25.
  • Select the committee: “House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services.”
  • Choose the Bill: “10:00 am – SB61.”
  • Select the “Member of the Public” for the “I am” dropbox.
  • Fill in the content box under “I’m Representing” with the business, organization, or group you are representing. If you are representing yourself only, write “Myself.”
  • Check the circle stating “I Oppose this Bill.”
  • If you wish to speak during the hearing to present your testimony, check the box next to “I Wish to Speak on this Bill.”
  • Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page to enter your contact information and submit your opposition and/or request to testify.

If you’re unable to attend the hearing, you may also submit written testimony to the House Labor Committee. Email your comments to HouseLaborIndustrialandRehabilitativeServices@leg.state.nh.us.

You can use these key talking points when writing your oral or written testimony. 

You can also use this script when testifying.

On Thursday, March 25 at 10 AM, you can watch a livestream of the hearing.

Thank you again for helping us ensure Granite State families get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.
In Solidarity,

Robert Butler signature

Business Manager
Sheet Metal Workers Local 17