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Rhode Island Negotiations Update

Brothers and Sisters,

At Local 17, we’re committed to fighting for you and your family. You bring unmatched skill and dedication to the job every day, and your wages should reflect that work and commitment.

We’re still in negotiations with our SMACNA contractors in Rhode Island. We received a new contract proposal this week. Our contractors have offered a $3.00 hour increase over a two-year contract period. The first year would be $1.50 upfront, and the second year would be $0.75/$0.75 splits.

It’s our duty to ensure the next generation of sheet metal workers can afford to stay in this state that we’re helping to build. We have numerous projects in the Ocean State, and we’re here to stay.

More details will come in the following days. Thanks for all you do.

In Solidarity,

Bob Butler
Business Manager
Sheet Metal Workers Local 17