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Take Action to Fight for Fair Compensation

Your sisters and brothers are depending on you to fight for fair compensation.

In Massachusetts, prevailing wage laws set baseline wages for construction workers to ensure they are paid fairly, but too many hardworking people have been hurt by a loophole in the legislation. It is more important than ever that we fight against the loophole that allows contractors to underpay workers who do their work in a shop rather than at a job site.

Thanks to your support, we’ve made progress with bills to fix this issue. Now, let’s push House Bill 1943 and Senate Bill 1171 across the finish line. We need to ask our lawmakers to support these bills and make a real impact for working families in Massachusetts.

Ready to make a difference? Sign this petition now to tell your state legislators to close the prevailing wage loophole by backing House Bill 1943 and Senate Bill 1171.

Too many families have been affected by this loophole, and we’re not giving up. With your help, we can make sure workers are treated fairly. Let’s put an end to this injustice together!