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MBTU Recovery Council Event

Join Recovery Leaders and members from over 14 different trade unions for an evening of solidarity and fun.

Building Trades Union members will speak on their experiences, strength, and hope. Union recovery programs will also provide information and resources to connect more of our suffering brothers and sisters to help.

There will be grilling, cornhole, face painting, and tents on site! (INCLUDING A DUNK TANK!)

Where: IBEW 103 Parking Lot, 256 Freeport St, Dorchester

When: Thursday, August 11, 3-8 pm

Who: Building Trades Union members in Recovery, their families, and their friends

Recovery Event, Meeting Line-Up

Come into this Open Recovery meeting whenever you’d like.


Recovery Meeting Speaking List:



3pm: /BEW


3:30pm: Plumbers


4pm: Pipefitters


4:30pm: Carpenters


5pm: Teamsters


5:30pm: Laborers


6pm: lronworkers


6:30pm: Painters


7pm: Elevator Constructors


7:30pm: IBEW (Ends at 8pm)