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Congratulations to new SMART General President Michael Coleman

We’re pleased to welcome Michael Coleman as the new General President of SMART. President Coleman is a longtime SMART member with decades of leadership experience at the local and international level. He assumed the office of SMART general president this month, following the retirement of former President Joseph Sellers in May.

President Coleman began his career as a SMART sheet metal worker in 1985, where he worked for over two decades in the field before becoming business manager of Local 33. In 2019, he moved to Washington, D.C. to serve as SMART’s Director of Business and Management Relations and later as Assistant to the General President.

He also served as Secretary of the Constitution Committee at SMART’s second-ever General Convention in 2019, where he facilitated the democratic process of our union and managed 114 proposed amendments.

Coleman has been a member of our union for over 35 years and we look forward to his leadership of SMART.  Welcome, President Coleman, and thank you, former President Sellers!