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Congratulations Marty Walsh, our new Labor Secretary!

Brothers and Sisters,

As you may have heard, Boston’s own Marty Walsh has been confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Labor. While we’ll miss him here in Massachusetts, he will do a tremendous job representing workers across our country.

Marty has a long history of fighting for working families, from his days at Laborers Local 223 to the State House and City Hall. Along the way, he’s never forgotten where he’s come from. In particular, he’s been a critical advocate and friend of Local 17 over the past year, helping double down on COVID-19 and strengthening job safety standards.



In his new role, Walsh has promised to bolster workplace protections, renew paid leave benefits, and expand access to unemployment benefits. We also trust Marty to reach across the aisle and form partnerships where others can’t.

Thank you to all who stood out for Joe Biden and contributed to this great win for working families. We look forward to Marty’s leadership and know that the Labor Department is in great hands.


In Solidarity,

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Bob Butler
Business Manager
Sheet Metal Workers Local 17