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Business Manager’s Report

Bob Butler, Business Manager, Local 17

Dear Brothers and Sisters,  

2018 was a banner year for Local 17. We’re growing in strength and numbers, and we look forward to building on our success in the year ahead.

Generating Even More Work

We’re proud to report that through our strategic partnerships with developers, contractors, and project owners, we captured more work outside our core bidding areas, which generated thousands of hours of work for our members.

Our commitment to identifying new opportunities for our members, and remaining vigilant and responsive to changing markets is essential to producing more work for our union.

Industry-Leading Wages and Benefits

Thanks to the strength and solidarity of each and every one of you during our most recent contract negotiations, we were also able to secure an industry-leading contract that helps us maintain good wages and great benefits.

While a lot has changed since Local 17 first formed more than 120 years ago, one thing that remains the same is our steadfast commitment to our hard-working members.

That’s why we take on the tough fights that matter most. From challenging irresponsible contractors who rely on unlicensed workers, to standing up for retirement security when Congress threatens to take it away, we’re committed to ensuring that our voices are heard and that our rights and values are protected.

The Fight Ahead

We can’t do it alone. To keep advancing in 2019, we’ll need everyone to get involved and to take action.

To help you stay up-to-date on important union news and events, we’re expanding our member communications program to include email, text messaging, videos, social media, newsletters, a new website and more.

We’ve also created a mobile news network so you can receive action alerts in real time. Join now by texting “SMW17” to 55222.

In the face of increasing attacks on labor, our solidarity is more important now than ever.

Let’s continue to stand strong and to stand united.


Bob Butler

Business Manager, Local 17