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Announcing 2020 Apprenticeship Contest Winners

Local 17 apprentices participated in our 2020 Apprenticeship Contest to showcase their abilities and their skills. Each apprentice competed against their classmates in written and application-based exams, and Business Agents, Instructors, and retirees evaluated their work.We’re pleased to announce our winners:

5th Year Class

  • 1st Place: Barry Durnin, McCusker-Gill, Inc.
  • 2nd Place: Derek Cooke, J.C. Cannistraro, LLC.
  • 3rd Place: Nicholas Roche
4th Year Class
  • 1st Place: Kevin Knapp, C.P. Blouin
  • 2nd Place: Matthew Pacheco, McCusker-Gill, Inc.
  • 3rd Place: Michael Moon, Walsh Mechanical Contractors
3rd Year Class
  • 1st Place: Alexander Seelig, JEC Service Company
  • 2nd Place: Christopher McBreen, Worcester Air Conditioning
  • 3rd Place: John R. Gildea, Bryant Sheet Metal & Construction
2nd Year Class
  • 1st Place: Nicholas Dickinson, C.P. Blouin
  • 2nd Place: Stephen Higgins, Cox Engineering
  • 3rd Place: Andrew Richards, Excel HVAC, Inc.
1st Year Class
  • 1st Place: Jeffrey Richard, Excel HVAC, Inc.
  • 2nd Place: Daniel Hatfield, J.C. Cannistraro, LLC
  • 3rd Place: Jacalyn Smith, Worcester Air Conditioning
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who turned out to participate and volunteer. We’re always proud to see what our apprentices can do.