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Articles from Vote for Gilbert & Becker's Job at Harvard University Tozzer Library

North American Wind Energy Copper Content Analysis

[PDF - 1Mb] This report analyzes copper’s growing use for renewable wind energy through 2027. Between 2018 and 2027, it’s estimated 48,721 MW worth of wind energy installations will be constructed with an estimated demand of 4.76 tons of copper per MW. 

North American Solar PV Copper Content Analysis

[PDF - 1Mb] This report presents a forecast for the North American solar PV market through 2027. Between 2018 and 2027, North America is expected to install 137 GW of residential and commercial & industrial solar capacity as well as 125 GW of utility-scale solar. This forecast also estimates during the same timeframe nearly one million tons of copper will be needed for this growing technology.

North American Energy Storage Copper Content Analysis

[PDF - 1Mb] This report quantifies the expected copper demand for energy storage installations through 2027. It’s estimated that copper demand for residential, commercial & industrial, and utility-scale installations will exceed 6,000 tons yearly. Current models predict that by 2020, demand will have doubled 2018 levels to reach nearly 1,000 metric tons of copper content.  

The Road to Sustainable Mobility is Paved with Copper

[PDF - 2Mb] This case study examines the development of the electric vehicle industry and outlines copper’s role in electric vehicle technology and charging infrastructure.

Fact Sheet: Copper Drives Electric Vehicles

[PDF - 1.5Mb] This fact sheet provides data on electric vehicle market demand and the implications for charging infrastructure. It also outlines the major role that copper plays in electric vehicle technology.

Infographic: How Copper Drives Electric Vehicles

[PDF - 61 Kb] This infographic shows how copper is used in electric vehicles and forecasts future growth in this market.

IEI Report - Plug-In Electrical Vehicle Forecast: 2016-2025

A new report outlines an impressive sales forecast for plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) in the U.S. through 2025 and identifies the charging infrastructure required to support this growth.

Copper Connects Microgrids with Smart Grids

Microgrids are making the world more efficient and less reliant on huge, ineffective power systems.

Solar Energy Lifts Off at Airports

Airports are a perfect location for solar PV installations. Multiple airports around the world have already installed solar energy systems, which require copper to function efficiently and reliably. This case study examines the solar airport trend and its potential impact on the copper market.

Protect the Grid, Secure the Nation

As energy demands increase, the need for reliable and efficient energy systems grows as well. One threat facing these systems is cyber attacks and a need for security. Zolaikha Strong of CDA discusses this challenge in her article.