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Updated SMACNA News

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New Requirements for Federal Contractors as a Result of Executive Orders 

President Obama issued two executive orders impacting federal contractors. The first added sexual orientation and gender identity to the categories of workers protected from discrimination. The second imposed new reporting requirements on federal contractors and limits contractors’ ability to impose arbitration clauses for certain types of workplace lawsuits. New regulations implementing the executive orders are expected this year. Watch here for additional guidance once the regulations are issued.

National Agreement to Help Contractors Compete in Automotive Industry Now Available

SMACNA’s Labor Committee and SMACNA contractors attended meetings of SMART’s Automotive Committee. They reviewed drafts and suggested conditions that would allow union contractors to more effectively compete in this important industry. Following those meetings, SMWIA/SMART announced the availability of the “National Agreement for Industrial Paint Finishing Systems and for the Automotive Industry.” The agreement is a stand-alone collective bargaining agreement executed between the International SMART Union and individual employers who work in the automotive industry.

CLRC Reports Settlements for 2014

The Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC) reported settlements in the construction industry for 2014. Statistics listed in its report reflect wage and fringe benefits combined from January through December. Increases were reported to be: first year—2.3 percent ($1.07), second year—2.4 percent ($1.31), and third year—2.5 percent ($1.37). Click here to read the full report.