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Help-a-Brother Fund Rules

The Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 17 Help-a-Brother Fund was established primarily to assist unemployed members in paying their monthly dues.

In order to be eligible for Reduced Dues Members must;

  • Be unemployed a full calendar month: Member that work 40 hours or more in one (1) month must pay full dues for that month plus the following month. There will be no refunds given for overpayment of dues.

  • Unemployment: Submit proof of current Unemployment, i.e.; data summary sheet, a copy of DUA debit card or anything showing unemployment benefits. Monthly dues will NOT be reduced until proof of unemployment benefits is received.

  • Workman’s Compensation or Temp Disability: Submit proof of current Workman’s Comp or T.D.I., i.e.; approval paperwork, or check stub. Monthly dues will NOT be reduced until proof of Workman’s Compensation or Temp Disability benefits are received.

  • Out of Unemployment: Submit Proof of exhausted unemployment benefits, i.e.: anything showing a zero balance. Monthly dues will NOT be reduced until proof of exhausted unemployment benefits is received.

  • Working out of Sheet Metal Trade: Members must pay the I.A. minimum of $26.00 and submit a signed HAB Slip every month until they return to the Sheet Metal Trade.




Collecting Unemployment Journeyman



Collecting Unemployment Production Worker



Collecting Unemployment Apprentice



Collecting Workman’s Comp Journeyman



Non Work Related /T.D.I. Journeyman



Non Work Related/T.D.I. Production Worker



Out of Unemployment

$ 4.00/mth


Working Out of Sheet Metal Trade


$ 9.50/mth















  • Dues can not be paid more then one month ahead while on Help-A-Brother.

  • Forfeited members, who re-instate with Local 17, must pay full dues for 12 months before being eligible for any Help-a-Brother assistance.

  • There will be a two (2) year maximum on the Help-A-Brother dues. For all extreme circumstances, and there will be a review by the Trustees of the Fund for eligibility.

  • Any willful violation of these rules will be dealt with severely and Charges will be brought (Per DOL)